The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time, Ranked


There are several reasons why so many people watch the Super Bowl every year. Most viewers keep their eyes glued to the screen for sports. Others look forward to the musical performances at halftime. However, those coming for the commercials should schedule their bathroom breaks accordingly to ensure they don’t miss them.

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The popularity of Super Bowl commercials started after the 1984 Apple commercial aired. Whether people watch the Puppy Bowl instead, they can agree that there have been many entertaining Super Bowl commercials since then.

ten Pepsi and Coca Cola are Friends (1995)

Pepsi and Coca Cola super bowl advertisement

The iconic rivalry between Coca Cola and Pepsi has long been competition in the same industry. The two dominating names in the soft drink industry decide to be friends for a commercial, or so viewers think. A Pepsi driver walks into a restaurant and notices a Coca Cola driver already there.

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The two pilots bond over things like good music and their families. They share each other’s soft drinks. When it comes to the Coca Cola driver tasting the Pepsi, he won’t give it back to the Pepsi driver. The two argue over the good taste of Pepsi. A subtle little burn for Coca Cola there.

9 Celebrate with an M&M (2012)

M&M super bowl advertisement

Everyone remembers the enthusiasm of the electronic music duo named LMFAO for their hits like party rock and Sexy and I know it. Their songs could liven up a party, and certainly the 2012 Super Bowl commercial for M&Ms. The ad opens with a brown M&M in a club, with guys laughing at her for thinking she’s naked. A red M&M walks up and says, “So it’s that kind of party.” He takes off his outer shell and dances comically to Sexy and I know it, wearing only the chocolatey interior of an M&M.

8 The love between a horse and its owner in the Budweiser ad (2013)

Budweiser Brotherhood Advertising

Sometimes Super Bowl commercials aren’t remembered for their moments of hilarity, but rather for their heartwarming scenes. Budweiser has been running ads featuring Clydesdale horses for about two decades. The commercial they aired during the 2013 Super Bowl is considered to be the most heart-warming one.

This ad is the touching story of a horse growing up alongside its owner, with Landslide by Fleetwood Mac playing in the background. The horse is now in Chicago and recognizes its owner after being separated for three years.

seven This ad has been shared millions of times on social media (2011)

Volkswagen Darth Vader Superbowl Commercial

One of the most shared Super Bowl commercials of all time is Volkswagen’s commercial in 2011. This 30-second ad has been shared over five million times on social media. The ad begins with a young child in a Darth Vader costume, trying to use The Force on different things in his house like the washing machine and his dog. When the young Sith starts his father’s car, he is surprised. In reality, the father just used a remote control to start it from the kitchen.

6 Budweiser launched their Frog-Fame (1995)

Budweiser Frogs Superbowl Commercial

Budweiser has been killing it with popular Super Bowl ads for decades. For the first time in 37 years, Budweiser did not run an ad during the 2021 Super Bowl. Instead, they invested that money in vaccine awareness. Budweiser launched its frog fame during the 1995 Super Bowl.

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The short 30-second commercial consists of three frogs streaking the word Budweiser. This commercial was actually directed by Gore Verbinksi, who worked on the ring and the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

5 Jordan and Bird Shoot Hoops from the John Hancock Building (1993)

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird

Larry Bird and Michael Jordan were two of the most famous basketball players at the time of this McDonald’s Super Bowl ad. The couple then starred in the popular 1996 film space jam in a round of golf. Their rivalry continues when Bird asks Jordan to play a game of horses to win Jordan’s Big Mac.

The only rule enacted by Bird is “No immersion”. Bird and Jordan shoot basketballs from various insane places, such as through a window and on top of the John Hancock Building in Chicago.

4 A cease and desist was sent following this Super Bowl commercial (1984)

Apple advertisement during the 1984 Superbowl

This Super Bowl commercial for Apple has only aired once. It was directed by famous director Ridley Scott, who has made films like Gladiator and Blade runner. This advertisement introduced the Apple Macintosh personal computer to the public in an ominous and dystopian style. It sounded like Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall but closely resembles George Orwell’s famous 1984 novel.

Orwell’s estate sent a cease and desist letter to Apple and claimed the ad was copyright infringement. The line “On January 24, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like 1984,” proves the inspiration behind the advertisement.

3 Coca Cola aired several times, but still received positive reviews (1980)

1980 Coca-Cola Advertisement

This advertisement first aired in October 1979 on Monday Night Football, and was rerun for the 1980 Super Bowl. Although replayed, this Coca Cola commercial retains its popularity. The ad features “Mean” Joe Greene, who once played for the Pittsburgh Steelers as a defensive tackle.

Greene hobbles towards the locker room after an injury during a game, and a young fan offers him a coke as consolation. Greene finishes the coke. He turns to the fan and says, “Hey Kid, Catch!” and throws his jersey at him.

2 Wendy’s Super Bowl commercial (1984)

Wendy's Where's the Beef Super Bowl Shopping

Some fast food chains are known for their iconic slogans. For example, McDonald’s “I’m love it” and Kentucky Fried Chicken’s “Finger-lickin’ good”. Wendy’s is not left out either with its “Where’s the beef?” slogan.

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The origin story of Wendy’s iconic catchphrase began from a commercial during the Super Bowl in 1984. She was voiced by an 81-year-old actress named Clara Peller. Wendy’s launched this advertising campaign to compete with other big names in the hamburger market. Like McDonald’s Big Mac and Burger King’s Whopper. The memorable slogan “Where’s the beef?” lives in commercials today.

1 Betty White in Snickers Super Bowl commercial (2010)

Betty White in a 2010 Superbowl commercial for Snickers

It’s almost criminal not to consider the Betty White ad the best Super Bowl ad of all time. Betty White is known for performing on WWE Raw and playing basketball with Shaq. This deceased and beloved golden girl star gets into the hearts of viewers in a hilarious commercial for Snickers during the 2010 Super Bowl.

The ad begins with Betty getting stuck in the mud during a football game. His teammate asks him: “You play like Betty White over there!” To which Betty replies, “That’s not what your girlfriend said last night!”

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