Gen Q’s Arienne Mandi (Dani!) Is Making Hallmark Movies Now


Have a good midweek, my friends and enemies! Did you know it’s time for March Madness in the NCAA and also here at Autostraddle? If you’re an A+ member, Natalie will even let you help sow the seeds of parentheses with your favorite couples! And then when you come back from doing that, I made a Pop Culture Fix just for you!

+ Okay, Melora Hardin is in this new Hallmark movie called Love, Classifiedwho appears to be gay due to the gay promotional photos and also this description: “Romance novelist, Emilia, returns home after a long absence, to reconnect with her children who, too, are finding their own way to love… Taylor (Katherine McNamara) matches a woman who changes the way she has always thought love.” This woman is Arienne Mandi, who you know as Dani from Gen Q! GAAAAY.

+ It’s impossible to believe it’s been a decade since we lost Whitney. CBS is preparing a special about it..

+ The third season of A Black Lady Sketch Show will premiere on April 8.

+ This copy for this P-Valley season two casting news is so good it gave me chills. Shamika Cotton and Miracle Watts join the cast as Farrah and Big Bone, respectively. Looks like Farrah and Mercedes will “make an unlikely connection.” Big bones? Well: She’s “a fighter and biter with sky-high ambitions.” She’s an exuberant new presence to The Pynk with a molasses-thick body, knees of steel, and a tongue deadlier than a draco. 😳


+ Kristen Stewart almost took on the role of First Dead Girl in Scream 4??? That’s what I took away from this most recent interview about his Oscar campaign tour.

+ Stephanie Beatriz recorded Encanto’s ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ while in labor!

+ Stef and Lena and Stef and Lena and Stef and Lena and Stef and Lena!

+ Abbott Elementary has been renewed for a second season! Best news of the week! (“Don’t tell me what kind of day to spend!”) and here is the announcement of Principle Ava!

+ Mary Lambert crying while covering Melissa Etheridge is for sure the gayest thing you’ll see today.

+ How Arthur Became TV’s Longest-Lasting Animated Show.

+ Tegan and Sara are so excited about the New York Post’s statement that lesbian fashion is a ‘sexy and powerful’ trend. (Carmen first reported this in AAA yesterday!)

+ Reflections on Turning Red from an Asian American teenager seeing herself in Pixar’s first Asian-led film.

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