Why Kim Kardashian Wearing a Marilyn Monroe Dress Is Insulting to the Icon


While most The Kardashians fans seemed to like Kim Kardashian’s nod to Marilyn Monroe, some thought it was insulting to the late Hollywood legend.

Kim Kardashian from The Kardashians was supposed to stun on the 2022 Met Gala red carpet, but according to some critics, her nod to Marilyn Monroe came a little short. Kim is known for her over-the-top looks, whether she chooses slicked-back blonde hair or leather outfits, but not all dresses are meant to be worn. Even though the Met Gala is known for its fashion, some fans expected to see Kim on the worst-dressed list.

The famous The Kardashians The star has had a rough year, in part because of her very public divorce from Kanye West. Amid all the drama, Kim managed to keep her fashions on trend. She always impresses her followers with most of her clothes. There’s no doubt that Kim has become a fashion guru in her own right, whether one of her outfits is a hit or a miss. Since 2006, the mother of four has evolved like a sartorial chameleon. Whether she’s coordinating looks for a photoshoot with her family or creating a style of her own, there’s no doubt that Kim has transformed.


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Currently, Kim is the subject of many articles hailing her for her ability to wear Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress to JFK’s 1962 birthday party, held at Madison Square Garden. It was Marilyn’s last outing before her tragic death three months later. The see-through Jean Louis dress was designed for a Hollywood icon, rather than Paris Hilton’s former personal assistant, who rose to fame after a sex tape with Ray J surfaced online. For many, see Kim walking the red carpet in such a historic dress was an insult to Marilyn’s memory.

There’s no doubt that the late Marilyn was a sex symbol, and Kim is too. While Kim is a fan of going to great lengths to look beautiful, Marilyn had a much more natural look, aside from the platinum hair dye. The Hollywood starlet was rumored to have had her nose done, but she never went overboard with the plastic surgery or made women think her look was unattainable. Marilyn’s animalistic ability to be sexy and feel proud of her own body made everyone love her. Kim revealed that she needed to lose 16 pounds. to fit into the dress, which she did by going on a crash diet, including cutting out carbs and sugar. In the eyes of some fans, the two women couldn’t be further apart when it comes to beauty.

Many will say that Marilyn should never be compared to today’s Hollywood elite, as they consider the late Marilyn infinitely superior. While others see borrowing the “Mr. President” dress as an honor and a singular fashion moment, some see it as just a way to grab headlines. Marilyn worked hard to become a great actress, including going to see coaches after filming and scrutinizing her own work. Fashion and stars can be constantly changing, but it’s nice to be able to keep special moments in time – perfect capsules that aren’t meant to be touched by us mere mortals.

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