Why is the Ferrari Daytona SP3 the most aerodynamically efficient model of all time?


Ferrari has once again released a stunning new supercar that we weren’t expecting. The new Ferrari Daytona SP3 is a special edition model that is little more than just special. The Daytona SP3 recalls the heritage of the Italian brand as a new addition to its Icona series of cars. The SP3 is powered by the Sport Prototipo era of the ’60s and’ 70s. Specifically, the moment when Ferrari got a choreographed 1-2-3 result in the Daytona 24 Hours of 67 feet in revenge for its loss to Ford. and the GT40 at Le Mans earlier that year.

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Daytona SP3: another Ferrari Fast Exclusive?


Ferrari knows a thing or two about fast and evocative sports cars. The new Daytona SP3 had to live up to the tribute it pays. Thus, the mid-engined model uses the 6.5-liter V12 borrowed from the 812 Competizione. But sure, it makes more horsepower, rated at 830 hp (10 more ponies) while spinning at the redline of 9500 rpm. The transmission is transmitted to the rear wheels via the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

The engine features redesigned pistons, titanium connecting rods, and piston pins made from what Ferrari calls DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) which helps reduce friction. Even the camshafts have been rebalanced and have lost weight. New valve springs are added to provide superbike-like throttle response.

All amounting to mind-numbing performance figures. Ferrari claims the Daytona SP3’s top speed is over 211 mph. Acceleration from 0 to 62 mph would take 2.85 seconds and up to 124 mph in just 7.4 seconds. Yes, the Daytona SP3 is another new exclusive Ferrari, but it quickly takes it to another level.

The aerodynamic magic of the Daytona SP3


The Ferrari Daytona SP3 seems clearly inspired by its racing prototypes from the ’60s. The curved windshield, pronounced wheel arches and the way the styling flows naturally are definitely reminiscent of historic Ferrari models. The materials used to make the car are also quite exotic. The Daytona SP3 uses an all-new carbon monocoque tub, to which the carbon fiber body panels are bolted. Ferrari claims a dry weight of 3,275 pounds for the Daytona SP3.

Being light and extremely beautiful to look at also has its uses. The styling also incorporates the most aggressive aerodynamic package ever installed on a Ferrari road car. However, it does so without any obnoxious wings in the rear. Daytona SP3 uses ground effect to help create positive downforce. The Daytona’s carefully optimized underbody ducts create a void-like effect, sucking the vehicle into the ground, instead of relying entirely on the fenders above the car’s body to generate downforce.

Headlights are a modern take on the retractable headlights of the past. They feature the thin LED path seen on other modern Ferraris, but have lids that retract. The hood has a pair of functional air vents. The rear diffuser has an interesting design, offering the wildest element of the car. The carbon fiber rear features horizontal blades, alongside the slim LED tail light that sits under the rear fender. The tailpipes are positioned well above the diffuser. As the doors swing open, they incorporate the airbox which supplies air to the side radiators to help cool the more powerful V12 engine.

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The Daytona SP3 is an exceptionally special Ferrari


To deliver an exceptional driving experience, Ferrari made the interior as close to a racing car as possible, yet comfortable enough for the road. Fixed bucket seats are sculpted into the tub frame, while the steering and pedals move into position for the driver. The dashboard is distraction-free and the driver gets a new steering wheel with the digital dashboard gauge cluster. If you want to hear the V12 engine screaming more clearly, the roof can also be removed.

Part of the Ferrari of the Icona series, the Daytona SP2 joins the same lineage as the Monza SP1 and SP2 Speedsters. Only 599 copies of the Daytona SP3 will be made and are expected to attract a seven-figure price tag, sold exclusively to Ferrari’s elite clientele. Don’t be discouraged, because you can’t have them anyway, because all the examples have already been quoted. These happy owners of the Daytona SP3 would start receiving their new assets at the end of next year.

Unlike Aston Martin or Jaguar, Ferrari categorically refused to make continuation models. It won’t refurbish its iconic cars of the past these days with vintage internals. However, the brand will not hesitate to draw inspiration from its heritage which gave birth to the Icona series; Ferrari’s tribute album to its greatest hits.

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