Viral Video: ‘Sex Worker’ Caught Stealing Foreigner’s Jewelry, Nigerian Hotel’s Passport Breaks Silence


The lady who went viral after a video of her allegedly stealing the belongings of a man who was dating her, has denied being a thief.

In the widely circulated video, the lady was seen trying to get out of the hotel, but the man stood in her way, insisting she would not leave until these objects would not have been found.

In the video, which sparked varying reactions, the man was seen accusing and questioning the lady about her diamond earrings, gold chain and passport.

He claimed she stole the items while he slept.

The lady initially denied taking them, but after a thorough search the items were found on her.

However, in a follow-up video, the lady who identified herself as Ewaomilola Gold, said she only played the role in a skit.

“Hi everyone, my name is Ewatomilola Gold. I am a future actress, presenter and journalist on the red carpet. Actually, I want to talk about my video which is about a prostitute who stole a passport, earrings diamond earrings and gold. It’s actually acting. It’s a sketch. It’s not real. Mr. Yomi Fabiyi, it’s just a sketch.

“Sister Wasilat Coded is action. It’s not true. Instablog, LinkaIkeji, TundeEdnut, Gistlover, YahooSoldier, it’s actually not real. I just checked the comments section and I was like god! I can not go out. I was like this thing was acting oo. Not be a real thing. People on wear am abeg.

She also posted another part of the initial video, which had not been seen before.


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