VIDEO: Dhanush on Being Called a ‘Sexy Tamil Friend’ in The Gray Man: It Wasn’t Necessary, But…


In the Russo Brothers “The Gray Man”, Dhanush plays an assassin named Avik San. During a press conference recently held in Mumbai on July 21, Dhanush answered a question about being called a “sexy Tamil friend” by Chris Evan in The Gray Man. Not once but twice he was called by the same name.

Reacting to this, Dhanush said that it is not necessary but also that there is nothing wrong with it. “I think we were just adding more flavor and that’s totally fine. I would appreciate them collectively calling us Indian actors, not North and South actors. The world has shrunk and the lines It’s time to come together and make it an industry, a huge industry. It will be great if we work together and make films for everyone, not just for the South or the North. National films , not regional movies. Every movie is a national movie. People watch movies from the South, we Watch movies from the North. Every movie is for everyone, especially with digital platforms. Everyone has access to watch everyone’s job.

Watch the video :

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Dhanush also mentioned that working for The Gray Man was a completely different experience. “I thought I’d done 50 movies, I’d done so many stunts, I know those things. But no, we don’t. You’re not ready for what’s to come, they know that so they will prepare you step by step where you will feel like a real pro. You have to be so good. So once we started filming it was a lot of fun, it was really good,” he said. during the event.


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