Truck full of sex toys overturns on highway dumping massive load everywhere


A huge truck full of packaged sex toys overturned on an American highway, scattering a slew of goodies on the road.

The crash happened Wednesday morning on the eastbound I-40 Mustang Road in Oklahoma City, SkyNews 9 reported. The ramp was closed immediately.

News 9 aerial footage of the dildo disaster, which shows boxes of bright pink pleasure accessories strewn about, has since gone viral.

It was posted by @TheLostOgle on Twitter.

News 9 on-site correspondent Jim Gardner was repeatedly left speechless as he reported on the truck which, in his own words, “had lost its load”.

“Jim, can you tell us what he’s carrying there?” the News 9 studio presenter asks, seeing officers standing and picking up the rubble.

“Uh. Good. If we zoom in, not really,” Gardner said after a long, uncomfortable pause. The overhead camera panned over inventory—a pile of dildos, vibrators, and bottles of lube. be you Can say. I can not tell.

He quickly changed the subject, telling the host about the driver, who was fortunately uninjured in the crash.

“No injuries but, uh… There’s a lot of stuff lying around on the road, no matter it is. It will take time to clean up. »

The internet took to the incident with hilarious comments about the puns.

And Jim wasn’t spared either.

Guess “discreet shipping” isn’t so discreet after all, huh?


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