TikTok video of man allegedly caught having sex on NSW train


A now-viral video captured the moment a man was escorted off a NSW train by police after he was caught performing a sex act in one of the carriages.

Footage of the alleged incident, which happened in June, was recently posted on TikTok by user Billy Burner.

The video, which has amassed over 1.4 million views, was uploaded with the caption: ‘Man caught masturbating on Sydney train’.

At around 10.20am on June 29, a 20-year-old man boarded a train in Newcastle en route to Sydney.

A NSW Police spokesperson told news.com.au he was observed by passengers exposing themselves and performing a sexual act.

“Police were notified and officers from Gosford Police Transport Command boarded the train at Gosford Station,” NSW Police said.

The video shows a police officer addressing the man as he gathers his belongings, a backpack and a box, in order to exit the train.

“Committing a sex act on a train,” the person filming the video says as the man walks away.

The policeman then realizes that the man left his belt on the seat.

“Is this your man’s belt?” asks the officer. “You took your belt off.”

The person filming adds, “He took his belt off and everything.”

As the man comes back down the stairs to grab his belt, the person filming points out that his fly is also undone.

“And you undid your fly, man,” said the policeman. “Can you do your fly for me?”

The 20-year-old was arrested and taken to Woy Woy Police Station where he was charged with willful and obscene display in a public place and offensive behavior in a public passenger vehicle.

He appeared at Gosford Local Court on July 14.

The video sparked thousands of comments with people shocked by the alleged incident.

“It’s just messed up on every level! sucked in by him! one person said.

One person called the situation “embarrassing”, while another called it “disgusting”.

“I’m so grateful that I never witnessed this,” said another.

Other commentators claimed to have seen people engaging in sexual acts on public transport.

“I saw someone do that on the train. I don’t take trains late at night anymore,” one wrote.

“It happened to me once. A guy alone in a car with me, took his pants off, looked at me and went to get some gold. I haven’t been on the train since,” said added another.

Under NSW law, willfully and obscenely exposing oneself in a public place can result in a maximum fine of $1,100 or six months imprisonment.

Behaving offensively in a public passenger vehicle can also result in a fine of up to $1,100.

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