The Untold Truth of the Queen of the Damned


After wrapping her scenes for “Queen of the Damned”, Aaliyah’s third album was released, and she began promoting her album and filming music videos. August 25, 2001, after filming a music video for her song “Rock the Boat” in the Bahamas, Aaliyah and seven other people from the set boarded a Cessna 402B, which crashed minutes after takeoff. Everyone on board, including the pilot, died (per rolling stone). As reported by BBCAaliyah’s family sued Virgin Records America over the plane crash.

Aaliyah’s death was devastating to her family, friends, fans and the crew who worked with her on ‘Queen of the Damned’. Director Michael Rymer said entertainment tonight, “It took all of us a long time to recover. We were editing the movie and trying to come to terms with this loss. And we felt so bad for his family.” Aaliyah’s brother Rashad provided vocals to clean up dialogue in the film which was unclear due to his ancient Egyptian accent.

After his death, Warner Bros. delayed the movie’s release because they didn’t want it to appear that they were trying to capitalize on his death (per age). Despite the studio’s choices, Aaliyah’s death will always be linked to “Queen of the Damned”. It’s a flawed film, but it showcased Aaliyah’s talent and promise. Townsend told Entertainment Tonight that Aaliyah “looked a lot like a chameleon, and she knew it, and I think she would have continued to surprise us.”


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