Suspect identified and charged with sexual assault in Rittenhouse Square: Police


Action News has learned that the witness was part of a security company hired by the arts festival to patrol the grounds until Sunday.

“All of our artists and our entire team were devastated to hear what happened,” said event organizer Sandra Sedmak Engel. “We are so grateful that someone from our security team is here to help.”

On Friday evening, sources said a suspect was in custody. He was arrested near 17th and Chestnut streets.

Police identified the suspect as Lorinzo M. Clark, 42. He was arrested and charged with rape, robbery and related offences.

The police were able to identify Lorinzo thanks to a video obtained during the investigation.

Earlier in the day, pedestrians crossed the square, where tents are set up for an ongoing arts festival.

“I have the impression that it is a general surprise for this region. I always feel safe. We live a few blocks from here and I never felt threatened while walking in the park,” said Danielle Pett, who lives nearby.

“It’s a bit scary. We live very close, a few blocks away, and it’s kind of sad that people can’t walk around safely at night, especially as a woman,” Morgan Marshall said as she walked around in the park.


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