Supposedly brother or boyfriend? Jennifer Aniston opens up about relationship with FRIENDS co-star David Schwimmer

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For Friends aficionados, Reunion of Friends 2021 had to be the most memorable event of the year. Even before the film’s release, it was clear the cast would reveal behind the scenes of 1990s comedy.

Fans went nuts when David Schwimmer admitted to having a crush on Jennifer Aniston and vice versa, and rumors started to circulate days after the special reunion that the former co-stars were genuinely in love. Fans had long awaited Ross and Rachel on this day, as their romance over and over again in the original series was adored by all.

The Morning Show host, on the other hand, refuted all rumors. “It was weird,” Jennifer Aniston said. It was something I couldn’t believe. What do you mean? He’s my little brother over there! However, I am aware of it. It shows how optimistic people are about achieving their aspirations. “

Representatives for Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer previously denied their romantic involvement, but Aniston’s confession will break the hearts of many “Friends” fans. “The first season I had a crush on Jen,” ​​David revealed on the reunion special, “it felt like two ships were passing by because one of us was still a couple and we have never crossed this border, “he explained.

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