Sexy video: Nikki Tamboli turns up the heat with her belly dancing movies, check out her gorgeous belly


Nikki Tamboli shows off some great belly dancing moves, here’s a sneak peek of her recent video

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Nikki Tamboli, the daughter of Khatron Ke Khiladi, has now shared a stunning video on social media, as she shows off her beautiful belly dancing moves to her fans. The actress is currently taking lessons from a professional belly dancing instructor and has now shared a preview of her class.

In the video, we could see her in a stunning blue-white tie-dye tracksuit which she paired with a wavy blonde hairstyle and nude makeup, as she drops some Shakira moves on point, while that the professional instructor demonstrates the movements from behind.


Additionally, the actress shared in the caption mentioning that she was already improving despite having only started a week prior.

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