Sexual assault charge dropped against Ottawa police officer, pleads guilty to breach of trust


The former Ottawa police officer who resigned and pleaded guilty to breach of trust last week had sex with a distressed 19-year-old while on duty, both in his patrol and her apartment, the same evening that she found herself under the responsibility of the officer and in the hospital, according to court records.

In an Ottawa courtroom on Friday, Sundeep Singh pleaded guilty to breach of trust and a sexual assault charge was dropped. He also submitted his resignation from the Ottawa Police Service, which was “accepted and immediately processed”, the force announced that day.

The agreed statement of facts filed in court says Singh was one of four officers sent to rescue the 19-year-old after she left a party drunk and returned home in early February 2021, poorly dressed for cold.

After losing feeling in her feet and starting to have thoughts of self-harm, she called a child helpline she knew, who then called the police for help, the statement said.

No officer has been assigned to follow up on the teenager

Singh, who worked from midnight to 8 a.m., was the first of the officers to arrive in a marked police SUV. Officers determined she was not suicidal, but needed medical help for possible frostbite and hypothermia.

The 19-year-old waited in Singh’s patrol vehicle for the ambulance to arrive, and their interaction there was “professional and courteous”, according to the statement.

Paramedics arrived, transferred her to an ambulance and took her to the Civic Campus of The Ottawa Hospital. None of the officers accompanied her, none were assigned to follow her, and all were ordered to clear the roll call to be available for other assignments, the statement said.

The teenager was treated in hospital, but the attending doctor did not allow her to leave. She left anyway, was chased by hospital staff and returned “against her will”. After being then allowed to leave, she refused the taxi offered by the hospital and decided to walk to her residence, the statement said.

Ottawa Police Headquarters on Elgin Street. The force accepted Singh’s resignation on Friday. (Hugo Belanger/CBC)

Discussed his ‘persistent mental health issues’

Singh called her cell phone shortly after she left and, surprised to learn she was not in hospital, asked where she was. She told him and around 4:15 a.m. he picked her up and offered to drive her home, which she accepted.

“As they drove … they discussed his ongoing mental health issues and his relationship history,” the statement read. They wanted to keep talking when they arrived, so Singh pulled into a nearby lot.

“Their conversation became more personal and flirtatious. [She] suggested that Singh come from the front seat to sit in the back with her, but he declined,” the statement read.

He asked her if she had any photos or videos of her that he could see, and she showed him nude pictures on her phone. He added his contact information to his phone with a capital S instead of his name, the statement said.

Singh then touched her sexually through an opening in the perspex bulkhead to the back seat, and they stayed there for half an hour before he drove to her house, accompanied her to her door. and leave, according to the statement.

The teenager realized she had left her phone in Singh’s vehicle. As she was getting ready for bed, “she heard someone talking to her roommate and went out to find Constable Singh, who had returned with her phone.”

She invited him to her bedroom, where they had sex, the statement read. Singh left soon after, around 5:45 a.m.

Has been suspended with pay since February 2021

Before stepping down on Friday, Singh had been suspended with pay since February 2021.

Ontario police watchdog, the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), charged Singh in October 2021 after receiving a sexual assault allegation on February 9, 2021.

According to Ottawa Police Commission documents, Singh was one of the officers hired into the force’s class of 14 recruits in December 2017.

The police department said it intended to pursue its own disciplinary charges and terminate Singh’s employment during a hearing under the Police Services Act, but that was rendered unnecessary with Singh’s resignation.


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