Repeat sex offender with ‘hundreds’ of victims jailed for two years

Glenn Alan Kiddell, a convicted pedophile, has admitted to sharing images of children being sexually abused, despite being under surveillance by authorities.

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Glenn Alan Kiddell, a convicted pedophile, has admitted to sharing images of children being sexually abused, despite being under surveillance by authorities.

A sex offender convicted of child sex offenses caught with child abuse images, despite being watched by authorities, has been jailed.

Glenn Alan Kiddell, 64, pleaded guilty to possessing and distributing child sex abuse images, breaching a prolonged supervision order and failing to fulfill his obligations as a registered sex offender.

Kiddell has a history of child sex offenses in Australia and New Zealand dating back to 1978.

Following a recent infraction in February 2021, Kiddell was banned from having a phone or computer capable of accessing the internet.

* Child sex offender caught with abuse images, despite being watched

But Kiddell had 1,561 cached and stored images of child sexual abuse victims and was using the WhatsApp messaging app on a secret phone.


The Faces of Innocents project shines a light on New Zealand’s problem with child abuse, neglect and abuse. (First published July 2016)

One of Kiddell’s posts included him “expressing his desire to sexually exploit children”.

In Auckland District Court on Wednesday, Judge Tony Fitzgerald sentenced Kiddell to two years and three months in prison.

Kiddell’s attorney, Antonio Spika, told the court that his client had “genuine remorse” for his offence.

He recognized his need for rehabilitation and self-committed to a psychiatrist and an addiction specialist. He had also been diagnosed with an impulse disorder, the court heard.

Kiddell had also made regular donations worth approximately $2,000 to Child Rescue NZ in an attempt to mitigate some of the harm caused by his offence.

Judge Fitzgerald said there were “hundreds and hundreds” of victims.

He added that a report on Kiddell revealed he was at high risk of reoffending. Treatment had done nothing to reduce this risk in the past.

Fitzgerald acknowledged Kiddell had worked hard for his rehabilitation, but said jail time was needed to report a similar offence.

Kiddell is said to be undergoing the Te Piriti special treatment program for child sex offenders in prison.

A general pattern of delinquency

In 2018, Judge Brooke Gibson determined that Kiddell had a widespread pattern of delinquency and posed an ongoing risk to the public.

Kiddell has convictions for obscene exposure dating back to 1978. In 2011 he was charged with committing an indecent act when he was caught masturbating on a beach while watching a girl swim.

Before he could be sentenced, he fled to Australia.

In 2015, he exposed himself to a 9-year-old girl and masturbated in a swimming pool. He was sentenced to eight months in prison and deported to New Zealand, where he was sentenced to intensive supervision and community service for his 2011 offence.

The following year, he was caught sending photos of his genitals to someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl in the Philippines. He told her that he had taught other young women how to have sex.

The girl turned out to be an adult policeman.

Kiddell was convicted of indecent communication with a youth. The police also found 138 images and 14 videos showing child victims of sexual abuse.

He was sentenced to two years in prison.

Despite his track record, the Court of Appeals agreed with Kiddell’s attorney that a 10-year extended supervision order was too long. The Court of Appeal halved the term to five years.

Where to get help for sexual violence

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