Red Notice tops Netflix’s biggest movie release


Netflix may have just updated its top 15 most popular shows, but today’s news is about the big screen. A new contender has burst at the top of the pile and may well knock the reigning film champion off the podium. This movie, my friends, is Red notice.

Since its release just two weeks ago, Netflix users have totaled 277.9 million hours streaming Red Notice. This brings him alarmingly close to Bird box, which has been viewed over 282 million hours in total in its first 28 days on the platform. Jesus Christ is a few pairs of eyes.

The action comedy flick clearly has all the makings of a crowd pleaser, let’s be honest. Through Collider, the producer of the film Hiram garcia noted that it was the “greatest movie Netflix has ever made” in terms of distribution at least.

you have Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Ryan reynolds, and Gal gadot in the three main roles, to begin with. This is an art heist film on three jeweled eggs that get lost in time, so it’s no surprise that the film climbs the ranks of most-watched movie less than a month later. its release on Netflix.

As for filming locations, Netflix was clearly ambitious with Red Notice, too much. The film hits Rome, Bali, London, Russia and Argentina. During that time, I couldn’t leave a 5km radius for most of 2020. This bundle was roaming here in at least five countries!

Maybe that’s a reason the movie now claims to hit BirdBox out of his perch – we’re all eager to see something, anything, beyond our backyards.

Whatever the reason, it really sounds like the kind of perfect movie to get your brain going. So if you want to enjoy a few precious hours and get to the top of the boulder this weekend, you can flux Red Notice on Netflix right now.

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Image: Netflix


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