Rahul Dravid avoids using the word ‘sexy’ in a press conference ahead of India-Pakistan game


Watch video: Gentleman India coach Rahul Dravid avoids using the word ‘sexy’ at press conference | twitter.com/BCCI

Before facing Pakistan in the Asian Cup Super 4, Indian team head coach Rahul Dravid had nothing but praise for his team’s bowling attack. Dravid claimed in a press conference that while India’s bowling attack might not be as flashy, they still get the job done. He was trying to explain this and probably meant to use the word ‘sexy’, but he used his quick thinking to get the point across.

Watch the video below:

However, a number of key bowlers miss the Asian Cup due to injury, Jadeja being the latest. Apart from Jadeja, fast bowlers Jasprit Bumrah and Harshal Patel are also missing the Asian Cup for India. According to Dravid, the current situation does not prevent them from using this tournament as an opportunity to build and develop the squad for the World Cup.

“There are a few key players missing from this team. But that’s probably also true for one or two other teams, who are probably missing one or two key players. It can happen, but that doesn’t stop us from using this tournament as a very good opportunity to build and develop our squad for the World Cup,” said the coach.

“And of course it gives us the opportunity, I guess, in a lot of ways to watch other players who are potentially in contention for places, who are in contention and looking for one or two places, to see how they are doing. behave and also give opportunities to other people and of course we know that once hopefully guys like Bumrah, Harshal and Jadeja are back, as and when we can answer that and react to that,” he added.

The former India captain also mentioned that the team’s management has always tried to build a group of players who can step in when key players get injured.

“But if for some reason, unfortunately, if they have to be missed, we developed other players, we tried to put together a substitute, we tried to put together a group and that was really our effort all the way. …we’re trying to build a bigger pool of players who can step in because as we’ve seen obviously with the kind of challenges we’ve also had with Covid, and with injuries, you have to have backup, you have to have people who can step into any situation,” he said.

“When people are missing through injury, it gives us the chance to build this team and develop it. Of course, we would like our guys with experience and our best players to play all the time, but that might not not happen,” he added.

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