Postgraduate jailed for filming man in college bathroom, couple having sex in dorm


SINGAPORE: A local university graduate student who was caught filming a man in a private act in a campus toilet later admitted to filming 17 men in various toilets across Singapore.

He also recorded eight videos of a couple having sex in a college dorm.

Burmese national Han Win Tun, 31, was sentenced to 13 weeks in prison on Tuesday January 11. He pleaded guilty to four counts of making obscene films, obstructing justice by suppressing evidence and insulting a woman’s indecency. Five other charges were considered in the sentencing.

The victims and the university cannot be named due to court-imposed gag orders.

The court heard that Han entered a men’s washroom on campus around 2 p.m. on August 16, 2019, and heard the noise of another person entering the cabin next door.

He peeked over the cabin bulkhead, pulled out his phone, and aimed the camera at the 25-year-old student. He then recorded two videos and took a photo of the victim engaging in a private sex act.

The victim spotted Han and left the booth before calling campus security. Han stayed in his cabin and deleted the photos and videos he had taken earlier, before campus security arrived and called the police.

Han’s devices were seized and a total of 91 films were found there.

He admitted that he deleted the videos and photos from his phone before leaving the cabin because he felt “nervous” and wanted to prevent obtaining the images for investigations.

However, the deleted videos and photos were recovered from the ‘recently deleted’ folder on her phone and extracted by the police.

Investigations also revealed that Han filmed 17 music videos of 17 unknown men in restrooms across Singapore between June 2019 and August 2019.

On top of that, Han had met a couple having sex in a college dorm on May 21, 2019 and filmed several videos of them.

One of the clips captured the undressed woman on the bed, constituting the charge of insulting a woman’s modesty.

The prosecutor requested at least 14 weeks in prison, claiming that Han had engaged in multiple acts of voyeurism, with most of his victims unaware of his crimes.

He continued his “voyeurism session” for about a year until he was caught red-handed and deleted the evidence on his phone, she said.

Defense attorney Cory Wong of Invictus Law instead requested a jail term of up to 12 weeks. He said his client had been suspended from his studies for his postgraduate degree and would be deported after serving his sentence.

In response to questions from the judge, he said Han had been in Singapore since 2009 and did not have a scholarship.

When asked why Han had committed these offenses, Mr. Wong said that “it was really a weak moment for him.” He added that on some charges, Han filmed himself undressed but it was in a public restroom, not in public view.

“It was for his own consumption to monitor his physical progress and for a moment of intimacy with his partner,” he said.

The judge took note of Han’s guilty plea and lack of previous convictions, but said he could not be described as a first offender because his tortious conduct was “of great magnitude.”

She added that some of the breaches “occurred in the inviolability of an educational institution where the safety of the students is paramount.”

She allowed Han to postpone his prison term until February in order to deal with his move, rent cancellation, and other matters.


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