Mandela Barnes said ‘reducing the prison population is now sexy’ [VIDEO]


Mandela Barnes said in 2018 that he thinks “reducing the prison population is now sexy”, a video shows.

The comments are even more disturbing now that we’ve documented how, starting in 2019, the Tony Evers/Mandela Barnes administration’s parole board let out some of the most brutal murderers and rapists in the history of the state. State, in some cases without informing the families of the victims.

For these families — whose loved ones have been stabbed, strangled, raped, bludgeoned, and shot — reducing the state prison population is anything but “sexy.” The lyrics caused deep trauma.

Here is the video:

Barnes, a Democrat who is Evers’ lieutenant governor, is running against U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. Recent polls show Johnson has taken the lead in the race as voters learn more about Barnes’ extreme stances on crime.

68 percent of Wisconsin inmates are violent criminals, but that hasn’t stopped Barnes from preceding on roughly 15 percent decline in the state’s prison population and a 16 percent increase in early releases during his tenure as Lieutenant Governor,” wrote the Republican National Committee.

Barnes has repeatedly advocated for halving the state’s prison population, elimination of cash deposit and other progressive criminal justice reforms.

“I’m glad we’re all talking about it, now that criminal justice reform and prison population reduction is now sexy, it’s now something that the leading candidates are talking about. Because ten years ago people would have run away from this issue,” Barnes said.

As we have reported in detail, since 2019, the Evers/Barnes administration has freed at least 884 convicted felons, releasing them early on parole, mostly in Wisconsin communities, including more than 270 people convicted of homicide and more than 44 child rapists.

In 2021, Barnes expressed disappointment that Wisconsin had not “reduced Wisconsin’s prison population by 11,000 inmates”.

Barnes wants to end cash bail

Barnes, while serving as a state legislator in 2016, sponsored a invoice this would have ended cash bail and prohibited courts from using the gravity of a defendant’s crimes to argue against release.

As state legislator in 2016, Mandela Barnes introduced legislation eliminating “monetary bail as a condition of release for an accused accused” of a crime.


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