“Love Island is so hot… I’d present that in a heartbeat”


As she faces the ‘Her Heart Matters’ campaign, TV star Glenda Gilson chats with Denise Smith about work-life balance, the importance of time to me and the dream job that she would never refuse

Leaving Virgin Media last year, the mum-of-two has gone on to become her own solo show, picking and choosing which TV projects and collaborations are best for her and her young family.

But the outspoken TV presenter insists she doesn’t have it all figured out.

More talkative, unfiltered and deliciously cool than she appears on TV, the 41-year-old sits down with Review+ and explains, “I’m looking at my house and my wardrobe is a mess, I have to do this and do that.

“I really applaud women who work full time and take care of their children, cook dinners, do laundry and clean their house. It’s hard.

“I always knew when I was going to be a mother that I was going to put time into it. They’re not forever babies.

“I’m really happy with the way my life is right now. I love them. Don’t get me wrong, some days it’s like, “Get me out of here,” but I can dive in and do things like this campaign and then come home in the afternoon dying to see them.

Speaking of the two loves of her life, Bobby and Danny, who will turn four and two next month, the social media star gushed: “They light up our lives. Bobby is full of stories, talks and mixed words and Danny is babbling – he’s really starting to like his voice, so he’s constantly yelling. They bring us such joy.

Her boys are part of the reason the model is taking part in the Irish Heart Foundation’s ‘Her Heart Matters’ campaign.

Finding out that she had high cholesterol came as a huge shock to the beloved personality.

“I found out that my cholesterol was high this year. I thought it was something that would only affect my mom and dad, but I forget that I’m getting old too.

“I have a few friends who said, ‘Ah Glenda, seriously, cholesterol?’ And I told them to have it checked. Rob came with me to my local pharmacy and it turned out his cholesterol was high and I was like, ‘Ha, see?’

“In our 20s, we think we’re infallible and everything will always be great, and our 30s are the same. Then in our 40s – because I’m now 40 – it’s like, ‘ Oh jeeps!’ »

But don’t expect the former model to be hung up on her age.

“I remember just before I turned 40, I felt a bit depressed about it. We were in lockdown, which was pretty depressing not having to turn 40 and not being able to celebrate with my family and friends. When I finally shot the big 4-0, I was actually awe-inspiring, nothing dramatic happened, I didn’t feel any different.

“People might look at me facing this campaign and say, ‘I’m the same age as her’ and that might encourage them to check their hearts.

“I need women to listen because we have estrogen that fights heart disease. But when you enter your 40s, menopause starts to happen and you lose that estrogen. That’s when ‘it must be checked.

On matters of the heart, Glenda and husband Rob MacNaughton recently celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. Candid as always, Glenda laughs, “We’ve been together 13 years now and it’s still blissfully married as you can imagine – I put this on Instagram and Rob said, ‘Do you crazy?’ The number of my friends who laughed and said, “Marital bliss, Glenda?”

Looking back on their dream day in Co Clare, Glenda admits to feeling old: “Even the print of some photos looks old. I felt like my mother was watching them!

She may have some top secret TV projects in the works, but the broadcaster says she’s always available, willing and ready to throw her hat in the ring for the most coveted gig on TV – the island of love.

“Of course, I would like to do the island of love, it’s the hottest thing on TV right now. Being in a villa with a pool and beautiful people around you, why wouldn’t you want that?

“I love the entertainment world. I love anything that’s a little craic.

the old Exposed presenter may have teleported to our living rooms once every night, but now fans can get a dose of their favorite presenter from their smartphones.

With over 93,000 followers on Instagram, Glenda quickly became her own brand.

“Every day before I started work, the only thing I looked at was the notes to see what we got the day before. The notes are now on my phone.

“Social media can be awful sometimes. But people are still very nice to me and I put my kids in there and people are very complimentary so I enjoy my social media. I just try to always keep it real.

Having signed with a new talent agency, Glenda is also excited about the new opportunities that are coming her way.

“Matchsticks are an English company having broadened their horizons and come to Ireland, working with British and Irish brands. They’re hip, they’re honest, so why not? You have to change things up once in a while. They’re excited, so I’m excited – watch this space.


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