King Charles reveals new royal cipher that will replace Queen Elizabeth’s: photo


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Buckingham Palace unveiled King Charles IIIthe royal cipher. His monogram was revealed on September 26, 16 days after he was officially declared king and 18 days after his mother, Queen Elizabeth IIdied at the age of 96. The cipher will slowly replace that of Elizabeth and will appear on official state documents, government buildings and public red letterboxes that are found throughout the UK, for People magazine. While the rollout will be gradual, all official mail leaving the palace will now proudly display Charles’ crest from Tuesday, September 27, according to the publication. Photos of the emblem are available here.

The king’s cipher shows his initial, “C”, intertwined with the letter, “R”. The letter “R” is the initial of “rex”, which is the Latin term for “king”. Three lines are inside the top loop of the “R” to indicate that Charles, 73, is the third Charles in his family. A crown floats above the letters to represent the English throne, while a crown representing Scotland takes its place for a Scottish version of the cipher. King Charles and his wife, Camila, queen consortstay in Scotland as they complete their period of mourning for the Queen.

King Charles III
King Charles III meets well-wishers on his return to Clarence House on September 10, the day he ascended the throne (Photo: Jonathan Brady/WPA Pool/Shutterstock)

King Charles himself is said to have chosen the design from several that were created by the Palace’s College of Arms. He has already adopted his official signature, which is “Charles R”, the “R” once again symbolizing the Latin term for “king”.

Elizabeth’s cipher was similar and used an “E” and an “R” with a crown fluttering above it. The letters were not intertwined and had “II” to represent that she was the second Elizabeth in her family between them. In her case, the “R” stood for “regina,” the Latin word for “queen.”

Charles’s figure debuted on the British Royal Family’s final day of private mourning. They had previously had a period of public mourning which lasted from September 8 to 19, the day Elizabeth’s remains were laid to rest at the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth is buried there with her late husband Prince Philipdied in April 2021, her parents King George VI and Elizabeth the Queen Motherand her younger sister, Princess Marguerite.

On September 24, the first official portrait of King Charles as king was published and showed him working in his office and searching for documents in the official red box.

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