Kim Shui SS23 Fashion Show Creative Collaborators


Traditionally showcasing her collections at Spring Studios, Kim Shui invited her community to Grand Central Station’s historic Vanderbilt Hall for her Spring/Summer 2023 runway. Shui’s latest collection features her signature Chinese silk prints, rhinestone details and new silicone molded bodices on models that embody the strength of the Kim Shui girl. Taking inspiration from football gear and armor, Shui’s new looks add a warrior quality to the power of his clothes.

Playing with exaggerated shapes, Shui says, “I think we’re known for designing sexy, stripped-back pieces, but this season we wanted to incorporate those elements in a more subtle way and amp up the volume for a nuanced approach. Each of Shui’s pieces feature flowing shapes in brightly colored silks, which shimmer against the custom silver jewelry of New York-based Martine Ali. Jewels bring swirling cuffs and dragon pendants, a winged creature that underscores the boundless nature of her brand.

Incorporating her heritage, Shui also shares that her clothes have a mythical dimension, as her team found inspiration in the “legendary stories of the four ancient beauties of China”. The traditional Asian elements, trims and ties of Shui’s clothing have also been transformed by 10 Piece Nails into distinct sets: a white nail with a red Chinese lucky knot, silver nails decorated with dangling rhinestones and black nails with opal mosaic details. “We think the Kim Shui girl is like our team and our clients, that’s what makes collaborating with Kim so special,” says Serena Kim of 10 Piece Nails, “We love designing nails for girls who prioritize beauty. self-expression and are confident in their point of view.

The collaborative nature of the nails extends to the soundscape of the show, which includes a track in partnership with TIDAL and a custom printed garment with Afterpay. As models like Jeannie Park, Jamie Xie, Jessie Andrews and Emmah Holterhoff showed off each piece of clothing, Shui invited WNBA player Isabelle Harrison to end her show in a royal purple bottom dress. Each model has off-track features that highlight the multidimensionality of the Kim Shui brand; Holterhoff, who walked second to last, was even invited to DJ at the afterparty. “I think the slow, sophisticated walk made every room look better. I really liked my look, I felt like a mermaid,” says Holterhoff.

Pushing popular Kim Shui dresses into shapes that resemble demi-couture, the SS23 collection uses extravagant detailing and volume to draw attention to the importance of space-saving and inclusiveness. As Kim Shui’s brand identity continues to develop, keep an eye out for the creative talents that embody the energy of her garments.


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