Is Halbrand from The Rings Of Power really a sexy Sauron?


Spoiler for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power episodes 1 & 2 to follow

Something sinister is happening in Middle-earth. At least, based on the first two episodes of power rings, that certainly seems to be the case. Alongside orcs attacking humans, the mysterious man who falls from the sky, and an over-ambitious elf wanting to build a big scary forge (I wonder what will happen there…), Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) also finds himself in a sticky situation involving a large body of water, a flimsy raft, and a handsome stranger called Halbrand, played by Charlie Vickers.

While stranded in the ocean after giving up a glorious return to the Immortal Lands, Galadriel encounters a group of men and women sailing on a makeshift ship and is pulled aboard. They are then attacked by a giant sea worm and she ends up on an even smaller raft with one of the men, Halbrand. He reveals that he left his home in the Southlands after it was destroyed by orcs, which certainly piques Galadriel’s interest, because where there are orcs, there’s a chance Sauron will appear.

Halbrand offers its own mysteries, however. The character does not appear in Tolkien’s extensive writings, leaving his role in forging the Rings of Power up in the air. Could he be the evil Galadriel is looking for?

While we know Sauron as a Peter Jackson metal clad dom dad the Lord of the Rings movies, he is actually a shapeshifter, known as an agent of deception. According to Tolkien’s tradition, during the Second Age, the period when power rings is fixed, he even disguised himself as Annatar, a beautiful being who tricks the elves in order to facilitate the forging of the Rings of Power.

It’s very possible that Halbrand could trick Galadrriel with his dashing good looks and encourage her to take him with her when she returns to the elves of Middle-earth – he even tells her, “Looks can be deceiving. He also mentions that he comes from a land without a king (Morgoth was, essentially, the king of all evil things). And then there’s the strange necklace he wears, which he remains silent about.

However, there are other possibilities. Halbrand’s character was portrayed by vanity lounge as “fleeing from the past” and from what we know of the race of men in power rings, they were the weak link in the fight against Morgoth, often throwing their support behind the great evil. Halbrand, filled with shame, might try to escape the role he, or his family, played during this time. It would be interesting to see how men were able to rehabilitate themselves during the Second Age.


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It would also be a chance to see how the hearts of men were corrupted by Sauron and the nine Rings of Power, which ultimately led to their transformation into Nazgûl or ringwraiths. Given what we know of power rings and the series’ accelerated timeline of Second Age events, it’s plausible that Halbrand could be seduced by the power and become one of the wraiths himself.

Another option is that he’s simply there to romance Galadriel. But really, while there was definitely chemistry between the two, relationships between elves and men aren’t common in Tolkien’s world. Plus, the show already explores that with the healer Bronwyn and the elf Arondir.

It’s a shame that Galadriel hasn’t come into possession of her magic mirror yet, because a little knowledge of “some things that haven’t happened yet” would save a lot of conflict. But then we wouldn’t have five seasons of power rings enjoy, right?

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