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SINGAPORE – Meet the best men this week – banker Kenneth Wee, 36, and freelance model Alva Kek, 24.

Kenneth Wee, 36


Height: 1.67 m

Weight: 67kg

Exercise regimen: I have been practicing judo for almost 20 years. The Swedish gymnastics and explosive throwing movements of this Japanese martial art are an excellent form of high intensity training. I also do weight training once a week, emphasizing compound movements like deadlifts and barbell pull-ups to maintain strength and power.

Diet: I eat more on the days that I exercise and less on the days that I don’t. A typical breakfast consists of bread with eggs and coffee.

For lunch, noodles and a salad. Dinner is rice with side dishes.

On the days that I work out, I will reward myself with junk food like burgers or steak. I have found that it is much more convenient to be healthy through mindful eating, rather than a lot of exercises that can cause injury and burnout.

Alva Kek, 24 years old

Student and independent model

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 49kg

Exercise regimen: I run and do high intensity interval training three times a week. I also practice yoga occasionally and do personal workouts whenever my schedule allows.

About a year ago I discovered kickboxing. The physical coordination required, the benefits of strength and cardio, as well as the self-defense aspect, have made me a huge fan of the sport.

Diet: I try to make sure that most of my meals are freshly and simply prepared, saving large meals for special occasions.

I’m what I call a four-four-two principle, in which a typical meal would consist of light protein like steamed fish with tofu (40%), a similar serving of lightly cooked vegetables (40% ) and a smaller serving of white rice (20 percent).


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