“He Makes Me Sexy” (VIDEO)


Even though last season’s finale of the drama OWN sugar queen ending on a high note, with the land of Bordelon declared a historic monument (and preventing the villainous Landrys from taking it), it’s safe to assume there’s more drama to come in the seventh and final season, which will begin on September 6.

The series, created by Ava DuVernay and based on the novel by Natalie Baszile, put the Bordelon siblings – Nova (Rutina Wesley), Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) and Ralph-Angel (Kofi Siriboe) – to the test spanning six seasons and we can only hope they all get a happy ending once the series finale arrives later this fall.

Wesley tells TV Insider that playing Nova all these years has taught him a lot in his own life. “She taught me to take care of myself. That’s a big thing I’ve taken away, it’s just learning to take care of yourself in midlife,” says the actress, who catapulted to fame with HBO’s vampire drama. true blood in 2008. “Nova being an activist has made me an activist, in the sense that I know I have a platform and I know that sometimes I post stuff and actually people listen. So I’ve learned to really do research before posting, especially if it’s political or something like that. I just want to make sure I’m doing it right because Nova would.

Besides Nova’s activism, her love life has always been a story point on the show, and although the final episodes begin with her happy encounter with cultural anthropologist Dominic (McKinley Freeman), the road could be a bumpy one for her. the couple. “When love begins, I feel like Nova is at the door. She’s leaving. So we’ll see if she’ll stay in the room.

Based on the recent trailerNova’s ex-boyfriend Calvin (Greg Vaughan, days of our lives) is back to throw a spanner in this situation. “I love working with Greg Vaughn, and I’ll tell you why,” Wesley begins, before adding, “We tested together and from the moment I saw him, we were really connected. I remember that “he walked into the room and I was like, ‘Whoa’…Greg makes me feel sexy, he makes me feel beautiful. He looks at me in a way that people have never looked at me before. So it makes me feel good, and I need it.

For more on Wesley’s conversation about the final season, his last day on set (with DuVernay directing the series finale), and more about working with Vaughan, watch the video above.

sugar queen, Season 7 premiere, Tuesday, September 6, 8/7c, OWN


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