Former Livingston Parish MP has trial in child sex crimes case postponed until October


LIVINGSTON — Dennis Perkins appeared in court on Tuesday and his attorney managed to push the hearing back from early May to October.

Jarrett Ambeau filed a request to postpone the trial, alleging that prosecutors with the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office are withholding evidence they plan to use in the case.

Ambeau said there were more than 317 videos and 2,601 photos that prosecutors had in their possession. He said it was only last Friday that only 67 of those videos were delivered to him, nearly two and a half years after Perkins was arrested.

Among that evidence is a video of Perkins allegedly lacing candy bars with his bodily fluids and serving them to school children. Ambeau claims that the pastries seen in this video are not the same as those given to children.

If there are also videos of people eating the cakes which they believe are contaminated with this biological fluid, then we should have it in our possession so that we can show the jury… “These are the cakes whose they claim the biological fluid was added to. It’s the cake that people eat, and clearly they’re not the same,” Ambeau explained. “In the attorney general’s narrative report, they admit that ‘it’s not clear if it’s the same thing. They admit it but then want to somehow claim that these videos are not favorable to us. That’s not how it works .”

In a statement Tuesday, the attorney general’s office said “we look forward to holding Dennis Perkins accountable and getting justice for the victims.”

Perkins’ trial was scheduled for May 9, but was moved to October 11.

The prosecution was disappointed with the ruling and also said the victims in the case were also upset. They say they were ready to sue Perkins on Monday, but say they will stay ready.

“No matter the day, no matter the hour, we are ready to bring him to justice. He is only delaying the inevitable,” the prosecution said.


LIVINGSTON – Dennis Perkins appeared in court on Tuesday and his lawyer successfully pushed back the hearing from early May… More >>

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