Feds say former teacher arrested at airport had 3,000 child sex abuse videos on tablet


A Cincinnati man going through security at Boston’s Logan Airport has been arrested after authorities say they discovered nearly 3,000 child sex abuse videos on his tablet.

Thiago da Silva Pinheiro, 54, was arrested on Tuesday after traveling from Ontario, Canada to Logan Airport in Boston, from where he planned to fly to Brazil.

Upon arriving in Logan, Pinheiro was referred to a secondary Customs and Border Patrol checkpoint, where officers conducted a search of his luggage, according to federal court documents.

During this check, officers examined Pinheiro’s digital devices, including a Samsung tablet.

“In doing so, the CBP officer observed images in the tablet’s photo gallery that appeared to depict child sexual abuse material (CSAM),” court documents said. “The device was subsequently detained and HSI agents from Child Exploitation and Computer Forensics were called to respond to the continued search at the border.”

Pinheiro agreed to speak with officers and told them he previously worked as a teacher in Brazil, according to court records.

The Cincinnati man told officers he bought the tablet from a friend about two years ago. He initially claimed the device had not been cleaned before buying it, but later admitted that his friend had in fact cleaned it before selling it to him, officers said.

Pinheiro told officers he was the only one with access to the device and initially denied knowledge of any child sexual abuse material. He later admitted to downloading files of child sexual abuse material from Mega, a file-sharing service, according to court documents.

The folder on the device that contained the files included about 2,800 videos, according to court records.

Pinheiro was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography.

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