Ex-teacher Noel Strapp released on bail pending appeal of sex convictions


Former high school teacher Noel Strapp has been released on bail pending the outcome of an appeal against his conviction for sexual interference and sexual assault.

Strapp appeared in St. John’s Court of Appeal virtually from Bishop’s Falls Correctional Center on Tuesday and was released on bail under a series of conditions.

Strapp, 39, must maintain good behavior, abstain from drugs and alcohol, avoid Memorial University and cannot have contact with anyone under the age of 18 except his four children.

He must also avoid contact with the victim and his family and a number of other people, including some former students.

The identity of the victim is subject to a publication ban.

Strapp is required to report to the RCMP once a week, live at a specific address and stay in Newfoundland and Labrador until his appeal is heard.

He paid $3,000 for bail, while three sureties promised to watch Strapp while he is out on bail and will have to pay $1,000 if he breaches his conditions.

The former teacher was found guilty in February of sexually exploiting and assaulting a teenager he was teaching and coaching. He was sentenced in June to four years for sexual interference and two years for sexual assault, to be served concurrently.

Defense attorney Ian Patey on Tuesday compared Strapp’s case to that of Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officer Doug Snelgrove, who was convicted of committing a serious sex crime while on duty l last year and was released on bail. (Lukas Wall/CBC)

During the bail hearing, defense attorney Ian Patey compared Strapp’s situation to that of Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officer Doug Snelgrove, who was convicted of committing a sex crime. serious while on duty last year and was released on bail.

Patey argued that the situations were similar enough to warrant Strapp being released on bail.

Judge Frances Knickle, however, responded that legal precedent applies to sentencing, not bail hearings, and bail is considered on an individual basis.

The Crown argued that granting bail would undermine public confidence in the justice system, given the seriousness of Strapp’s offense and his breach of trust.

Strapp’s conviction appeal now rests on inconsistencies in the victim’s testimony and review of evidence at trial.

In the notice of appeal, Patey claimed Judge Phyllis Harris reviewed Strapp’s evidence more strictly than the victim’s and did not consider an alleged sex tape.

During Strapp’s trial, the former student told the court that a sexual relationship between her and Strapp began when she was 16 and when he was her teacher and coach in several sports.

She told the court that the two had about 100 sexual interactions. It happened at school, at Strapp’s house, in her children’s bedroom and in her car, she said.

The woman also told the court that while she was in grades 11 and 12, she and Strapp exchanged sex photos and videos using Snapchat, an app that deletes messages once they’re read. by the person receiving them.

She also testified that as a trainer, Strapp enforced a strict training regimen and nutrition plan which she claimed was a way to control and manipulate her for his own sexual gain. He claimed it was just part of the work required to become an elite athlete.

No date has yet been set to hear Strapp’s appeal.

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