‘Don’t Worry Darling’: Release date, cast and streaming details


What is “Don’t Worry Darling” about?

According to the film’s official premise, don’t worry darling follows a young couple, Jack and Alice, who are enlisted in a groundbreaking, albeit experimental, top-secret project in the desert of Palm Springs.

Set in a seemingly idyllic postwar town, suburban America is laid bare through the lens of a restless housewife who begins to grapple with the fact that her reality isn’t what it seems. be.

Throughout the film, we learn the truth about the so-called utopia that is Victory and the mysterious “victory project” that every husband in town is enrolled in.

So far, critics have delivered very mixed reviews of the film’s set-up and delivery. Some called the film’s themes “often sketchy and repetitive”, while others praised the actors’ performances.

As for us ? We will wait for the theatrical release of the film to form our own opinion.

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Who plays in “Don’t Worry Darling”?

The star-studded ensemble cast can arguably be attributed to about 99% of the drama surrounding Don’t worry honey.

Leading the cast is Florence Pugh, who plays Alice, a homemaker.

As we know, Florence and Olivia are said to be embroiled in a feud.

A rumor that has accumulated in Florence skipping press engagements associated with participation in the Venice Film Festival 2022.

While the official report is that Florence was double-booked during filming Dunes 2it’s probably a plethora of factors (which you can read for yourself here), that contributed to Florence’s decision to skip the media events and enjoy an Aperol Spritz instead.

Co-starring with Florence is true pop sensation Harry Styles.

Styles stars as Florence as her hot husband Jack, who is employed in the very mysterious “Victory Project” and has a penchant for oral sex with his wife, as we saw in this controversial trailer.

The circumstances under which Styles was incorporated into the project are disputed to say the least – Styles replaced Shia LeBeouf in the role, with Olivia claiming she fired the actor because of his “fighting energy”.

Shia hit back with a series of volatile videos of Olivia begging him to come back to the project, with the former child star claiming he was the one who walked away due to a lack of rehearsal time.

Olivia also claims that Styles was always one of her first choices for the role.

In a recent profile with VarietyOliva explained that it was her and Florence who “found their Jack,” with the pair asking Styles to land the role, but the publication cites he was “on tour and unavailable.”

Olivia Wilde will also star in the film, while helming the project as director.

Rounding out the cast is Chris Pine, who as we know was allegedly spat on by Styles and accused of “dissociating” the entire press conference.

Gemma Chan also stars as an Orwellian as a ballet teacher, and is surprisingly left the project free from drama. Comedian Nick Kroll, Pistol star Sydney Chandler and up-and-coming actress Kiki Layne will also star in the film.

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese is also set to make an appearance.

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When will ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ be released?

don’t worry darling will be released in Australian cinemas on October 6, 2022. A perfect birthday gift for Libras.

However, if going to the movies isn’t for you, even though Harry Styles insists that don’t worry darling is a true “cinema film”, then you can rest assured that the film can also benefit from streaming processing.

Reports claim that don’t worry darling may be available to stream on HBO Max, which means there could be a possibility that it will be available to stream on Binge.


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