Dodge Hellcat V8 discontinued after 2023 model year


The name Hellcat is part of Dodge for many years, but things look set to change quickly. A report of Driving authority states that from the end of 2023 the name Hellcat will be gone, with Dodge and Stellantis dropping it in favor of the all-electric muscle car arriving in 2024.

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Signs of the future of Dodge

Super Stock Hemi V8

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The report of Driving authority includes an interview with Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis of the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show. Kuniskis confirmed to the post that, regarding the Hellcat, “There are still two years to buy a Hellcat, then it’s of history.

Driving authority was able to see a 24 Months of Muscle calendar style map that Dodge used to build the roadmap to 2024. The map has 26 garage doors, four of which have already been revealed and the final reveal is expected to be the Dodge muscle car all over. electric 2024. The concept of this muscle car should hopefully emerge at some point in 2022.

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Dodge concept details

2021 Dodge Challenger Rear View

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The first quarter of 2022 should be the one where we will see the concept of the electric muscle car 2024. It will not be just a mock-up either, it will be an example of full muscle car work and with the high level of performance possible.

At that time, we will also know the specifications and performance statistics of electric muscle cars, and Driving authority Kuniskis quotes as saying that Dodge plans to “do electrification differently from everyone else.” Dodge is patenting many electric technologies, so we will be watching with keen interest future developments on this front.

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More future plans from Dodge

Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT

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Momentarily returning to the Hellcat, it is not yet clear which car will close the curtain on Hellcat’s story. Kuniskis has at least confirmed that there will be no Hellcat Chrysler Pacifica, despite numerous calls to Hellcat the car. But that just won’t happen.

A plug-in hybrid Dodge will arrive at some point, and apparently a third big reveal is also underway in 2022. When Driving authority asked what it would be, Kuniskis just smiled and said we were “going to be excited about this”. Obviously, the future of Dodge could be incredibly fascinating.

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