Cooper Manning Reveals Why He and Peyton Had to ‘Separate’ in ‘College Bowl’ Season 2


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Cooper and Peyton Manning are one of the best sibling duos on TV, and they’re returning for NBC Capital One College season 2 on September 9. Sixteen elite teams from the nation’s top colleges and universities will compete in the ultimate battle of the brains to win $1 million in life-changing scholarships.

Cooper Manning
Cooper Manning on “Capital One College Bowl”. (NBC)

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Cooper, who admitted he and Peyton were “a little more seasoned” in Season 2 as co-hosts. “The game has changed a bit a bit. It just got more compact and better, faster. I think Season 2 will be even better,” he added.

The eldest Manning brother revealed what he and his brother decided to fix by returning in Season 2. Go ahead and part ways,” Cooper explained. “He goes to his room, makes sure he has all the pronunciations correct because it can definitely change the way someone sees a question if he announces some kind of mountain in the middle of nowhere or a political leader He has to do all of this well. And then I go to another room and try to figure out where I could go in and add some levity and kind of a little comedic milk from fairly mundane topics. Therefore, when we talk in the middle, literally everything I say is the first time he hears it, so it’s genuine.

Cooper pointed out that he is most definitely the “jester” of the Manning family. “It’s the only real role I have,” he said. “I help a lot of comedies that Peyton and Eli are involved in, and they lean on me for judgment, which in itself is scary.”

Cooper Peyton Manning
Cooper and Peyton Manning with the Georgia team. (NBC)

Cooper admitted he was thrilled to be able to work alongside his younger brother and spend some quality time together while filming. Capital One University Bowl. “Everyone takes different paths and drives at 100 miles an hour. I think of all those years of taking road trips and sitting in the backseat with no phone or iPad and just talking…I even remember taking us on a long plane ride where no one brought Walkman, no books, we just talked. Therefore, we can kind of stand still on certain topics and finish each other’s sentences.

He continued, “It’s a treat for us to be together for a week working hard, a little 7 to 7. You don’t get to spend a week with your brother much. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together, so it’s a treat. I can’t wait. I’m sure he’s fed up with me about when it’s over, but I’m glad we did it,” Cooper said. Capital One University Bowl airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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