Chhattisgarh School Principal Has Sex After Being Suspended With Teacher | India News


Kanker: In Chhattisgarh, a resident-led sting operation resulted in the arrest and suspension of a high school principal accused of, among other things, making the school warehouse a hiding place for sexual misconduct. After a preliminary investigation, the administration suspended the principal of the school at the center of the investigation for sexual misconduct.

Chhattisgarh School Teacher Sex Video Row: Netizens were stunned to see footage showing a principal and a female staff member of a government high school having sex on school property. According to reports, a group of locals suspected something illegal was going on and filmed it all and posted it online.

An audio tape of the prime suspect speaking with an anonymous third party and receiving payment to keep the video footage off social media or the internet has gone viral.

Villagers They first reported their concerns to a district collector. The government then investigated and suspended the principal.

Chhattisgarh School Teacher Sex Video Row: Despite being warned by the village chiefs to end the misconduct, the headmaster continued with his illegal behavior, which resulted in his suspension.

According to the district education officerAfter receiving a complaint, an investigation began.



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