Bollywood & Nakaab actress Esha Gupta has lost roles in Hindi films due to her dark skin and racism


Bollywood actress Esha Gupta made her way into movies in 2012 with Jannat 2, which gave her the Bollywood debut she wanted.

Shortly after, she was seen again in Raaz 3D, with the movie probably not doing so well.

Now, while the actress has been quite busy in the industry, she has also continued to do OTT series.

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Esha is currently promoting her upcoming show Nakaab, and while being in an interview for it, talked about her early years in the industry.

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She revealed how she was considered too dark for certain roles in films and projects.

“Initially, when I came into the industry, there were actors that I hadn’t even worked with who came to me and said, ‘you don’t tera make up thoda kala kiya hai, thoda kar.’ I was like, man what? Even the makeup artists tried to make me look fair and then they would have to paint my whole body, because my body doesn’t match my face.”

“So suddenly I looked like a clown. When I made several stars, they always said to me, ‘oh you’re the sexy one’, it’s because the complexion I have is considered to be black in our country. And that can only be sexy or negative, and light skin can be the girl next door with a good heart and all that. I didn’t understand that concept, and I hope that changes. It’s still there but it’s changing.” she says,.

She will next be seen in Nakaab, directed by Soumik Sen and starring Mallika Sherawat and Gautam Rode.

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