Betty White remembers Hot as Cleveland co-stars


Tributes and memorials for Betty White have poured in swiftly since the news of her death was announced, showing how universally beloved the comedy legend is. Among those who pay tribute are the stars of Hot in Cleveland who spent several years working with White on the hit sitcom. Speaking to Twitter, Wendie Malick posted an image that perfectly described White and read, “Stay close to people who crave some sun.”

“It has been an honor and a joy to spend six years with the bright and beautiful Betty,” Malick also said in a statement, per ET. “I couldn’t have asked for a better role model and a more generous friend.”


Valerie Bertinelli posted a photo of herself alongside White from a happier time. She said in the caption, “Rest in peace, sweet Betty. My God, how bright the sky must be right now.”

“That there is gratitude in everything, absolutely everything. I used to think, ‘Well I’m thankful because I had a good day today. I’m going to be thankful for that. ‘”Bertinelli also said in an interview with The People shortly before White’s death. “And it’s,” Watch me be thankful for a good day. No. Gratitude is about everything. Gratitude is finding kindness in a difficult day. ”

She added: “Betty is overflowing with gratitude and she is shining. I have never met another human being that shines. She is fair, she is not of this world. And we are all blessed to have her here. That laugh she had. And when you’re the one who made her laugh, I mean Jane Leeves and I always tried to make Betty laugh. ”

Jane Leeves is currently not active on social media and has not publicly discussed White’s passing, although she also recently spoke with People about the comedy legend’s upcoming 100th anniversary. Leeves said, “Working in front of her, the best part is the laughter. She’s a hoot, and kind of the best part of your day is when you can actually make Betty laugh. It’s pretty easy sometimes, I have to say. ”

“You know, I always say if you were to send a representative of the human race to a new planet to introduce them to aliens, you would send Betty,” Leeves noted. “Because she’s just a great human being, besides being a talented actress. She’s kind, she’s funny, she’s sexy, she accepts. She’s forward thinking. She cares deeply about the planet and of all that lives deeply. ”

Created by Suzanne Martin, Hot in Cleveland with Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and Betty White. It follows three show business veterans from Los Angeles who move to Cleveland where they rent a house run by sassy babysitter Elka. It was TV Land’s top rated series and ran for six seasons from 2010 to 2015.

As White’s agent Jeff Witjas said upon news of her passing, it came as a shock because many of us thought she would live forever. One thing is certain, is that she will always be missed, loved and remembered. Rest in peace, Betty White. If you want to see again Hot in Cleveland, the comedy series is available to stream on Paramount +.

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