An American woman explains how she contracted monkeypox and it wasn’t through sex. Watch the viral video


Viral news: Monkeypox was declared a public health emergency in the United States earlier this month. The epidemic is spreading in the United States after an epidemic in Europe this spring. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also announced that the outbreak of monkeypox in several countries is now a global public health emergency. According to NYU biologist Joseph Osmundson, monkeypox primarily affects gay and bisexual men, who make up about 98 percent of patients.Also Read – Monkeypox cases report 20% increase from previous week, 20% more than previous week: WHO DG Tedros Adhanom

A young mother, who was the first woman to be diagnosed with monkeypox in the state of Georgia, shared how she contracted the disease on TikTok, which has now gone viral. Using the platform to tackle monkeypox ‘misinformation’, Camille Seaton, 20, said she did not contract the ‘painful’ virus through sex. Also Read – Dog Tests Positive for Monkeypox Virus According to WHO Guidelines. Check details here

In her clip which has over a million views on TikTok, the woman said she worked as a gas station attendant and said she thought she contracted the virus while handling ‘dirty money’ at his work. In the viral video, Seaton explains, “I’m here to tell you again that sex is not the only way to get this virus. Yes, it’s mostly been contracted by men – I’m only the first woman to have it in the state of Georgia – but everyone is different. Also Read – Rising monkeypox cases in Delhi: Kejriwal govt says situation is being monitored, no need to panic

Watch the viral video below:

After Seaton posted her video, many people took to the comments section to thank her for raising awareness of misconceptions surrounding monkeypox.

She spent more than two weeks in isolation in her townhouse, with her 3-year-old daughter cared for by other family members. The young mum has now recovered from the virus, according to an Insider report. She found her daughter and went back to work.


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