All K-Pop Supergroup Stars Got The Beat


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GOT the beat is the last K-pop supergroup that is making waves across borders for its sexy charm, finely choreographed dance numbers and cohesion.

Boy and girl groups continue to achieve international success and appeal, and supergroups further capitalize on this success within the genre by merging already established fanbases. A K-pop supergroup is the union of several artists who have already succeeded in forming a musical group. Usually these bands consist of a mix of solo acts and members of other popular bands.

GOT the Beat was formed by sought-after entertainment agency SM Entertainment as a sub-unit of their brand new project titled Girls on Top. They officially debuted earlier this year in January, and while many more girl groups have emerged this year, they stand out as they consist of some of K-pop’s biggest stars. They released their debut single “Step Back” on January 3 to mostly mixed reviews, but the song was still commercially successful, with its music video garnering over 100 million views on YouTube. Here are the talented members of Got the Beat.


One of the most popular K-pop idols of all time, Kim Tae Yeon (popularly known as Taeyeon) is a successful singer and dancer who rose to fame as a member and leader of the girl group hit Girls’ Generation, which debuted in 2007. SM Entertainment’s darling, Taeyeon has participated in some of the agency’s other successful projects. She was born on March 9, 1989 and is five feet two inches tall.

Taeyeon was the first member of Girls’ Generation to pursue a successful solo career, releasing his debut EP. I in 2015. His second EP Why was released a year later and both efforts were commercially successful, establishing him as a definitive solo star. His three complete albums — My voice in 2017, Objective in 2019, and INVU in 2022 – have all been well received. Taeyeon is also considered a fashion icon in South Korea and is one of the country’s best-selling artists.


With 20 studio albums to her credit and a career spanning over two decades, it’s no wonder BoA ​​is dubbed the “Queen of K-pop.” She is one of the most famous and successful K-pop artists of all time and one of the first to achieve mainstream international success. She was born Kwon Bo-ah in 1986 and is five foot two. She released her first album at 13 after two years of intensive idol training, and thus began her rapid rise to fame.

BoA is also the first K-pop singer to break into the Japanese entertainment market, establishing her as a cross-border talent. The dancer, actress, host and singer has also appeared in many high-profile television series and competitions, including Produce 101, listen to love, and The voice of Korea.

She remains one of the most commercialized Korean artists in history, becoming a fixture not only in K-pop but across the entire Asian continent. His last album, Betterwas released in 2020 to widespread acclaim, with many critics touting it as the best K-pop album of the year.


Born on September 22, 1989, Kim Hyo Yeon, popularly known as Hyoyeon, joined Taeyeon as the second member of influential girl group Girls’ Generation. Hyoyeon has proven to be one of the country’s top dancers, as well as one of the hottest K-pop idols.

She was the first Girls’ Generation member to publish a book that features the idol’s favorite looks, along with fashion and beauty tips. In 2018, she started DJing at several clubs under the name “Hyo”. While she has spent part of the past few years releasing singles, Hyoyeon only released her debut EP in May this year. The project, titled Deepwas warmly welcomed and moderately successful.


Kang Seul Gi, or Seulgi for short, is one of the members of K-pop group Red Velvet as well as its spin-off subgroup Red Velvet – Irene and Seulgi. She was born on February 10, 1994 and is five feet three inches tall. She got her big break after she managed to impress the talent managers in an open audition by SM Entertainment in 2007. She debuted alongside the other members of Red Velvet in 2014.

Since the success of Red Velvet, Seulgi has become a force to be reckoned with, becoming one of the most sought after personalities with a strong following of young followers. She is considered a fashion influence in South Korea and has been praised for her artistic endeavors. In 2021, she becomes a brand ambassador for Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian luxury brand.


Wendy was born Shon Seung Wan on February 21, 1994 and is another member of Red Velvet. She left South Korea as a child, moving first to Canada and then to the United States to continue her education. She started her journey with SM Entertainment in 2012 after auditioning at a global audition in Canada and debuted alongside the rest of the Red Velvet members in 2014.

Apart from Red Velvet, she collaborated with several artists around the world and eventually released her first EP. like water in April 2021, becoming the first member to go solo. like water received very positive reviews with particular praise for the singer’s voice.


Karina was born Yu Ji Min on April 11, 2020 and is a member of K-pop girl group Aespa, one of the hottest groups of the new decade. She trained for four years before debuting with the rest of the band.

She is the leader of the group, as well as one of the main rappers and vocalists of the group. She and her colleagues are global ambassadors for the luxury brand Givenchy.


Dancer and singer Winter is a member of girl group Aespa and is the youngest member of Got the Beat. She was born Kim Min Jeong on January 1, 2001.

She enjoys several privileges as a member of Aespa, including being the muse of Acqua di Parma.


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